Specialist Pressure Cleaning Services

  • Environmental Friendly Pressure Cleaning Services for Government

Australian governments choose Envirotech’s to deliver outstanding cleaning results consistently achieved by our state of the art equipment and highly trained team.

We are dedicated to providing solutions that protect the environment, reduce water consumption and provide services to the community in a safe and efficient manner.

Our system’s ability to filter pollutants from water and then re-use the filtered water in the cleaning process also provides water savings of up to 80% when compared to conventional pressure cleaning methods.

Our high levels of service includes communicating with local councils to let them know when and where cleaning will take place and providing comprehensive written reports including ‘before’ and ‘after’ images.

The highest standards of Occupational Health and Safety practices are applied by our team.

High Level Pressure Cleaning SpecialistsEnvirotech offers pressure cleaning solutions to a wide range of government pressure cleaning challenges including, but not limited to:

  • Shopping strips
  • Car parks
  • Graffiti removal
  • Building wash-downs
  • Indoor and outdoor eating areas
  • Public spaces
  • Playgrounds
  • Street furniture
  • Roofs
  • Signage
  • Heavy vehicle and equipment cleaning
  • Quarantine cleaning

Envirotech offers an unequalled level of cleaning and service that includes the following:

  • Shade sail pessure washAssists in ensuring compliance with onerous environment protection regulations.
  • Uses up to 80% less water than non-recycling systems.
  • Full vacuum recovery, filtration and re-use of recycled water.
  • Surfaces are left clean and near-dry, ready for immediate use.
  • Anti-bacteria/mould treatment applied for all surfaces.
  • Degreasing of all surfaces.
  • Chewing gum removal from all hard surfaces.
  • High pressure hot washing of all surfaces.
  • High pressure cleaning of street furniture.
  • Scheduled cleaning and maintenance programs.
  • Liaising with tenants in the area to be cleaned and providing notice of cleaning to residents/tenants in the immediate area.
  • Traffic management systems applied.
  • Liaison with shop keepers during the process of the works.
  • Written reports including before-and-after photographs.

Petrol Station Pressure Cleaning

All Envirotech technicians undertake the Australian Institute of Petroleum Work Clearance Training for contractors involved in work on service station sites. The purpose of the Work Clearance Training program is to ensure that contractor representatives are aware of the applicable health, safety and environment requirements.

Copies of Envirotech’s  AIP Certification are available for inspection prior to any works being undertaken.

Envirotech can carry out the following services for petrol stations across South East Queensland:

  1. Canopy Pressure Cleaning
  2. Concrete Coating and Sealing
  3. Building wash-downs including roofs, walls and windows
  4. Hard surface area Pressure Cleaning
  5. Forecourt Pressure Cleaning
  6. Bowser Pressure Cleaning
  7. Concrete driveways and parking areas Pressured Cleaned
  8. Effective removal of all stains, even heavy staining around diesel pumps
  9. Fast effective removal of chewing gum and spillage stains from entrances

We will liaise with your representatives on site to ensure the most suitable time frame is selected for minimal disturbance to the business and operations.

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