School Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

All Saints Anglican School is a private school catering for 1800 students from prep through to year 12 located at Merrimac on the Gold Coast.

The School is renowned for its performing arts, music & sporting background which boasts a 531 seat theatre, a 400 seat chapel, indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, 8 basketball courts, 6 tennis courts, 7 netball courts, 6 volleyball courts and multiple AFL, Rugby, Cricket & Soccer fields.

Envirotech performed an onsite demonstration on the basketball courts to the grounds staff to show the benefits of recapturing and recycling the water and minimizing the runoff as they have recently incorporated a wetlands project of which all the drainage and channels lead too as this was the schools main concern to protect the marine life.

The Schools has become so big over the past decade with multiple additions and extensions that the ground staff cant keep up with the cleaning required to keep the school in its pristine condition so the services of Steve and his team were brought in to keep up with the demands.

Pressure cleaning services provided

Steve and his team provided the school with a scheduled maintenance programme on various areas around the school including:

  • Pathways
  • Pool Areas
  • Tennis/basketball courts
  • Locker areas
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Bus bay drop off area
  • Front entry’s

The results were truly amazing as the majority of the initial work was completed in the Christmas holidays and the students and staff have provided great feedback on how clean and tidy the school was in on there return.

Unfortunately the school was dealt a hard blow just weeks after there return in January 2013 with the Queensland sky’s opening up for a week straight with torrential rain and completely flooding half the school and the basketball courts leaving a film of mud over everything once it had subsided.

Steve and his team were called in and worked around the clock for a week straight to restore it to its pristine condition once again sucking up the film of mud left behind and cleaning up all the debris from the flood. Envirotech’s state of the art pressure cleaning equipment was really put to the test and proved that it can handle the heavy demands if called upon.