Resort Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

Turtle Beach Resort is located at Mermaid Beach and is one of the largest holiday complexes on the Gold Coast.The resort is a three story walk-up type complex with hundreds of meters of exposed aggregate pathways, two pool areas, kids playgrounds and huge shade sails.

Steve Moreels and his pressure cleaning team was asked to clean all the concrete pathways, playgrounds and shade sails with minimum disruption to the guests staying at the resort. This is where the Environmently friendly waste water vacuum recovery system shone.

Whilst the pressure cleaning was actually taking place there was very little water left on the paths. As a result the concrete surface drying time was very fast and this dramatically reduced potential slip hazards as these paths were high traffic areas.

Pressure Cleaning Services Provided

The main lobby area is covered by a huge canvas shade sail. With an extension lance and special pressure cleaning tool the team pressure washed the top and bottom surfaces of the shade-sail with 100 degree boiling water. This removed 8 years of dust and grime and returned the shade sails back to their original, brilliant white condition.

The two childrens playgrounds also had to be pressure cleaned inside and out. This proved to be quite a challenge on the inside as the team had to squeeze their way through the playground labyrinth with a special cleaning lance in-hand.

Once inside, the pressure cleaning team proceeded to hot water pressure clean all the playground surfaces to cleanse and sterilise the playground facilities. This completely revitalised the playgrounds and returned them back to their original condition.

As the Gold Coast’s leading pressure cleaning company, working safely in the resort was the teams number one priority. To ensure this dedicated team members were in place as a spotter whilst the rest of the team was cleaning each section that had been barricaded off.

The barricaded sections were kept small so that each area was only closed for a very short period of time.

Results Achieved By Resort Pressure Cleaning

In total, the pressure cleaning team spent seven working days cleaning the resort from start to finish. Outcomes included:

  • Clean Shade Sails
  • Clean Concrete Paths
  • Clean Children Playgrounds
  • Clean Pool Areas

This was achieved with no complaints, no safety issues and minimal disruption to the guests.

The staff and management of Turtle Beach Resort were extremely happy with the cleaning results achieved. They were also impressed with the way the resort pressure cleaning was project managed by Steve and his team. Here’s what the resort maintenance manager had to say…

“We would like to thank Steve and his crew for a job well done at Turtle Beach Resort. The task was undertaken with the utmost professional manner. We had our paths, sails and two playground areas all cleaned and the differences are amazing. We have great comments from our guests at the time on the safety of the task with minimal disruption to the resort. We now have an action plan in place to have the areas cleaned annually. We would highly recommend Steve and his crew to anyone for the cleaning process.” Ian McQuarrie, Maintenance Manager Turtle Beach Resort