Private Hospital Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

Steve Moreels and his team were invited to conduct pressure cleaning of the John Flynn Hospital (a 317 bed acute care hospital located in Tugun, Queensland). Fully aware of its obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and Environmental Protection Regulation

Pressure Cleaning Services Provided

The team met with the head of the engineering department and discussed what needed to be done. The chewing gum remnants on all the hard surfaces were required to be removed as well as incorporating our anti-bacterial / mould treatments, degreasing and high pressure hot washing to thoroughly cleanse all problem areas. The pressure cleaning services were perfectly suited for the job with its water recapture and recycle capability, allowing for the safe return and reuse of all excess water.

The team carried out all tasks successfully under a strict time frame. Ingrained black mould on extensive sections of paved areas was removed. In full compliance with strict client OH&S requirements, hospital requirements for contractors and hospital requirements for safety equipment and safety clothing were fully adhered to. Safety barriers and safety signage around vehicles and areas to be pressure cleaned were used.

To ensure minimal disruption from the cleaning operations, a 3:00 am start time was observed. All the waste water recovered by the team was filtered and recycled to remove pollutants.

Results of the Hospital Pressure Cleaning

The pressure cleaning team completed the initial scope of works to the complete satisfaction of the client and in line with John Flynn Hospital’s standards (which are particularly high due to the tightly regulated health sector and as a result of being part of the Ramsay Health Care group).

Steve and his team impressed the client with their absolute focus on safety and industry best-practice pressure cleaning methods. As a result they continue to pressure clean the John Flynn Hospital on an ongoing basis to the highest standards.