Pattern Stamped Concrete

CCS Pattern Stamped Concrete provides the look of random slate, wood or stone at a fraction of the cost and with much less maintenance. Applicators use multiple colours and stamp/pattern designs to create a realistic look and feel that will stand the test of time. It’s natural and elegant appearance makes it the perfect alternative to plain grey concrete and paving.

How is it created?

  1. Once the fresh concrete slab has been laid, CCS Colour Hardener is applied and toweled into the surface, thereby colouring the top 2 to 3mm of concrete. (Colour Through Concrete may also be used with the CCS Pattern Concrete system)
  2. Experienced applicators apply CCS Release Agent powder or liquid to create a contrasting colour and to stop stamps from sticking to the concrete.
  3. Specially textured moulds are placed over the surface and applicators use their body weight to impress the design into the concrete.
  4. Three days later the surface is pressure washed (to remove any release agent or powder) and once dry, is coated with two coats of CCS Hardseal sealer.

What can be coloured with CCS Pattern Stamped Concrete?

CCS Pattern Stamped Concrete is ideal for any new horizontal concrete structure where a two toned textured surface is desired. The process is particularly suited to home exteriors and pedestrian areas, although alternative colouring systems should be considered in highly sloped areas or areas requiring a slip resistant surface.

Please Note:- These products are not stocked outside Queensland and Northern NSW.