February News

We may be back to work and school now but summer isn’t over yet! There is still a glorious month of summer to enjoy outdoors.

Have you spent the last couple of months looking up at that dirty, dusty, mouldy shade sail that looks tired and shabby?

Do you keep putting off cleaning it because you don’t know where to start? Many people think that shade sails can’t be cleaned or accessed for cleaning but truth be told we have all the tools, machinery and tricks to the trade to clean any shade sail big or small.

Whether it’s made of canvas or shade cloth, our hot water cleaning process combined with a spray of our anti mould treatment will revitalise your shade sail to look like new again!!

Contact me now to arrange your F.R.E.E demonstration and let me show you how to properly pressure clean your property!

EVERY Shade Sail booking during February receives Two Free Movie Tickets!

Did you know?

Pressure cleaning with hot water at 90’C not only kills the mould spores at 78’C but also provides an optimum clean!

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