Envirotech Pressure Cleaning 7 Point Rock Solid Guarantee

  1. We Guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our service or your pressure cleaning is FREE.
    If you are not completely satisfied we have made a compelling difference to your property after pressure cleaning we will happily re do the surface a second time at no extra cost. If you are still not satisfied after the second clean there will be no charge for our services…. No questions asked!
  2. We Guarantee to be fully insured.
    Envirotech Gold Coast is 100% insured with $20,000,000 Public Liability and WorkCover – when we are working on your site you will have total peace of mind knowing everyone and everything is completely covered.
  3. We Guarantee safety.
    We have full occupational health and safety procedures for safety towards yourself, your staff and our staff with a risk assessment for the tasks to be undertaken.
  4. We Guarantee to be on time – every time.
    We will be on time, every time and if something arises we will contact you to keep you informed.
  5. We Guarantee no hidden costs.
    We will always provide you with a detailed quote for our services so there are no hidden extras and if extra work is needed a price will be agreed upon before commencement.
  6. We Guarantee to take pride in servicing your property.
    We take pride in our brand and will present ourselves in a professional manner. We also take pride in your property like it is our own. If we make a mess we will clean it up, if we move it we will put it back and if we happen to accidentally break something we will fix it or replace it.
  7. We Guarantee to provide value.
    We will go above and beyond to provide great value for money and outstanding pressure cleaning results. Your property will be as clean as it can possibly be.

John Moreels – Owner